“Meanwhile, it may be tempting to opt for a bright and eclectic color scheme to further personalize the kitchen. However, Williams points out that a transitional kitchen is mostly decked out in mostly neutral colors. The colors themselves can also work as part of the overall material composition to provide further visual texture.

A kitchen tweaked under the watchful eye of St. Louis, MO remodeling experts like St. Evans can provide a much-needed change of atmosphere and boost in functionality. You can enjoy better use of this space and turn it into a warm and cozy hangout for your family and friends.”


The color wheel is a very helpful tool to determine which colors will look good together. First, pick a color you prefer, keeping in mind the overall mood you want for the room. If you are going for a more relaxed feel, opt for greens or blues. For a more vibrant appeal, choose from more distinctive hues from a red-orange palette.

Should you decide to use only two neutral colors, you can add a pattern or a visual texture to make the room more interesting. Light organic colors help soften the edges and shapes in the bathroom, while dark colors like browns and blacks add accentuate walls, windows, and counters. Another way for you to select colors is to draw inspiration from the rest of the home, unifying the bathroom with other rooms in the house.

Home Guides also advices homeowners to get second opinion from family members or friends. This way, your St. Louis remodeling project will give satisfactory results whether done by professionals like St. Evans, Inc. or by DIYers.

Remodeling a bathroom obviously differs from repairing the space, so how exactly do you remodel a bathroom to prevent damage? Poor bathroom design can lead to issues such as the formation of excessive condensation on the walls (caused by poor ventilation), mold growth (from moisture), or weak water pressure (likely due to elevation). By remodeling the bathroom, homeowners can drastically reduce the occurrence of these flaws while improving the aesthetics of the space.

These issues aren’t things homeowners can fix alone. It’ll take an expert contractor with good knowledge of plumbing to properly solve these bathroom frustrations and restore the look of the area at the same time. Professional St. Louis remodeling contractors such as St. Evans Inc. can provide such services, helping householders recreate a bathroom that looks as good as it works.

There will come a point in most homeowners’ lives when they’ll want to remodel their properties. Contractors that engage in remodeling in St. Louis and other cities in Missouri say that many clients want their homes to be remodeled because they want to make their homes more enjoyable, while others want to meet the changing needs of their families. Still, other homeowners choose to have their homes remodeled because they want to improve its resale value.

It’s important to give your house some renovations once in a while. The changing times, and growing demands of your family are enough reasons for the transformation.

In kitchen remodeling, most opt to go for modern standards with lots of open space for movements. From the traditional style, the current trend now is more pragmatic – neutral colors, and everything else simple. Homeowners also makes it a point to go for energy efficient appliances to furnish their kitchens with. Kitchens are no longer just a space to display but a place to perform.

Simple and functional is the current trend in remodeling in St. Louis. The simpler it is, the more pleasing it becomes. Homeowners tend to invest on space, and make an effort to make their kitchens appear clean. With the right elements combined, this can be achieved. Improving your space doesn’t have to be hard when you know how to hire excellent contractors to make it a reality.