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The color wheel is a very helpful tool to determine which colors will look good together. First, pick a color you prefer, keeping in mind the overall mood you want for the room. If you are going for a more relaxed feel, opt for greens or blues. For a more vibrant appeal, choose from more distinctive hues from a red-orange palette.

Should you decide to use only two neutral colors, you can add a pattern or a visual texture to make the room more interesting. Light organic colors help soften the edges and shapes in the bathroom, while dark colors like browns and blacks add accentuate walls, windows, and counters. Another way for you to select colors is to draw inspiration from the rest of the home, unifying the bathroom with other rooms in the house.

Home Guides also advices homeowners to get second opinion from family members or friends. This way, your St. Louis remodeling project will give satisfactory results whether done by professionals like St. Evans, Inc. or by DIYers.