“To make your investment in your new bathroom pay off, it helps to know your purpose for the project first. Lots of homeowners remodel their bathroom for the sake of increasing the value of the home they are already selling, while others simply want more convenience and aren’t moving anytime soon. Either reason will raise the home’s value, but take note that the latter may yield less ROI by the time the owner decides to sell the home.

Another way to make your investment work is to hire a St. Louis remodeling company like St. Evans Inc. No other kind of professional can make over your bathroom better than an experienced remodeling contractor. While their service may cost higher than DIY, their workmanship can guarantee less costly maintenance and repair in the long-term. Therefore, if you’re planning on having your bathroom remodeled soon, start by consulting with the experts.”


Remodeling your St. Louis, MO home is a fantastic way to do just that. After all, people are instinctively drawn to new things, or at least things that look new. At the same time, intelligent remodels increase the value of your home, yielding a good return on investment (ROI).Of course, you have to pick your spots wisely and choose to remodel portions of your home that buyers would value. Otherwise, you won’t be able to maximize your ROI.

Having a kitchen remodel isn’t exactly a simple task, and it could even end up being stressful and time-consuming. Thankfully, its benefits, such as the boost it could give on aesthetics and functionality of your cooking space, far outweighs the drawbacks, making it a popular choice of home improvement among homeowners in Missouri’s Gateway to the West. If you want to optimize the benefits of kitchen remodeling in St. Louis without having to stress yourself out, there are a few important points you should always bear in mind.

“Head out of town.

If simple outdoor barbecue lunches and dinners in your own cozy backyard isn’t enough for you, why not pull out all the stops and go on a week-long vacation with your family instead? Of course, you can only do this if you’re perfectly comfortable with letting the renovators do their job even while you’re away for some time.

If you feel that waiting for the renovations to end is becoming too troublesome, just think of the big picture – visualize what you can get out of all your little sacrifices. Through excellent remodeling by St. Louis, MO contractors like St. Evans Inc., you could end up having your dream kitchen for life, thereby making a few days without a proper kitchen totally worth it.”

The latter can be simplified into “making informed decisions” on your St. Louis remodeling project. Meaning, you have to study design trends, look for cost-efficient options, and hire a reputable remodeling company like St Evans Inc., to make sure that you will still make a good deal of savings without skimping on quality.

A well-thought-out home remodeling in St. Louis may include an exterior siding replacement, a kitchen and bathroom makeover, and a roof replacement. These are known in the construction and remodeling industry to yield the highest return among all projects. There can be two reasons for this fact: a resilient exterior reinforces the structural integrity of the home, and an exquisite kitchen or bathroom remodel makes a home more comfortable to live in.

Remodeling a part of the house will naturally cost homeowners, so it’s important for individuals to carefully consider their budget before pushing through with their projects. Indeed, remodeling can be seen as an investment, yet homeowners shouldn’t be in a rush to have every living space revamped. Those planning for a kitchen remodeling in St. Louis should plan and work closely with a cooperative contractor like St. Evans Inc.

It’s easy for homeowners to imagine how their reimagined kitchens will look like, yet when it comes to actually laying down the specifics, they might have trouble making compromises for luxury materials they simply can’t afford. To keep their ideas pragmatic, homeowners should freely consult with contractors for reasonable remodeling in St. Louis, MO. Select contractors are willing to work within a given budget, and are knowledgeable enough to suggest inexpensive alternatives to pricey materials.

“Home remodeling trends come and go. However, there have been trends which had withstood the test of time; or have survived long enough to make them worth their investment cost. If you are thinking of remodeling your home in St. Louis, and wish to avoid trend pitfalls, it is important to first lay out your objectives for the remodel, then call on a St. Louis remodeling expert to help you thresh out the details.

Planning is important in any home remodeling project, whether it is for a room addition, a kitchen makeover, or a bathroom remodel; and design trends will always figure into these projects. It is easy to get caught up in the latest trends, particularly those that you see on TV or in magazines. However, if the trends are likely to fizzle out after a few years, or even months; or if they do not serve your own remodeling purpose, you may find yourself needing another remodel sooner than you would have wanted.”